South Wales Animal Rescue

All of our animals were once beloved pets and for one reason or another they have ended up in need of our help. We are funded entirely from donations from volunteers and supporters and desperately need your help. Please click the links below if you would like to be a part. No donation is too large or too small so get clicking!

Help save our animals

Help save our animals

Adopt a Dog

All doges get re-homed in forever homes, after the new owner had been home checked or vet referenced. Please contact us for any more information on any of the dogs or our re-homing scheme.


Lili (on the right) is a two to three year old terrier bitch, she is vaccinated and Spayed.  She is a very friendly little dog and gets on well with other dogs.  She would need to go to a cat free house as she does chase them. 


living in a forever home

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