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This gallery shows past pets. To see the animals on our waiting-list, in need of loving homes, please click here.
Black. Rescued as a yearling, in 1997, he was being ridden by a 21-stone man. We broke him in at 3. He went to a great family but they lost the land. Amy missed him, so she took him on as her own.


Amy, Holly, Black tinselled up.

Izzy and Missy - Smaller than six inches in length. A boy handed them in after confiscating them from someone selling them in the paper.    
JoJo - Mad about her rabbits. She pines when a bunny finds a new home.



Kizzy. Came with Sky, November 2004. Their owner had moved, leaving them to fend for themselves and were terrorised by a gang throwing fireworks at them. They're very nervous. I don't think they'll ever find homes.  

Louis - Info coming soon.  

Max Black. Came to us 3 days old and the vet didn't think he'd last the night. He's now 12.    
Pommie - We rescued her mum. Pommie was born on my birthday. It was a shock as mum never went near a dog. We say she left Pommie for us to remember her by as she died the following year. Pommie is 8 and very much in charge. Even Jo-jo lends her the hat.



Sky - found abandoned with Kizzy.

Velcro A British Blue. Arrived as a kitten, clinging to our helper's shoulders. His owners kept him in the garden as they thought he might suffocate their baby. Our resident 17-year-old cat took to him and had a new lease of life for her last 6 months.


Winnie came with a litter in 2003. We re-homed her brothers and sisters but Winnie was half their size, living on goats milk. She stayed so long, we fell for her. If you visit, let her come see you as she's very nervous.



In Loving Memory

Andrex - Our seven-year-old pup  

Angel lived with Angelica. Born 1997, Angel was a violent bunny and came in after attacking her owner. She was three-years-old and pregnant. She gave birth to Beans, Toast, Tango, Cash and Angelica. The boys were re-homed. Beans died Christmas 2004. Having Angelica calmed Angel, so she stayed as a partner. She couldn't be re-homed due to her violence, and progressing years. She enjoyed a run in the goat paddock with Pepsi - when he felt up to it.  

Archie contacted Tilt at 6. The vet couldn't cure it with antibiotics because of his age.  

Barley - a buck of unknown age, found abandoned in a park. At first, we thought we might lose him but he recovered and became a very cheeky little boy. He died suddenly: December 2005  

Belle is the French Lop that Caz fell for.  


Bugs - a blue/white Dutch buck, born 2002. Had runny eye (may indicate malocclusion) but his teeth were fine. His condition required he stay as a resident. One Saturday, we took Bugs for an X-ray as he seemed low. It showed an abscess on his lung. The vet advised he be put to sleep, we reluctantly agreed. Put to sleep: April 15th 2006

Chelsea died of old age in 2002. Douglas is the baby in the second picture.  

Cherie came to us pregnant in 1999. We re-homed her litter, apart from Little Mo who Gareth fell for. Cherie went on to a Forever Home but passed away in 2004.  

Choccy Button. Born '94. Came with twenty-three other bunnies in '99, in such a state we didn't think he'd live. He had malocclusion, Pasteurella and an abscess. He fought them and won.

Had his teeth clipped every six weeks and was our oldest resident. Thirteen when he died. He couldn't be bonded as the vet advised against neutering at his age. So he begged cuddles from the children who helped out and had to put up with me and Amy in winter. Died: January 2006


Coco. Born in 2004. A neutered male. Very friendly once you caught him but avoided being caught very well. Was re-homed due to owner's illness. Found a lovely home but unfortunately passed away from an abscess in September 2007.


Douglas passed away in 2004, aged 4. Douglas is the baby in the second picture.  

Fern died early 2006. Stuart's partner for many years  



Funky - A five-year-old fluffy Lion head cross. Born in 2002 and died in 2007.  

Harvey A grey/white English cross. He came in 2001, after three owners. Refused to be caged but in 2005, became lethargic so we moved him to a cage. He had a run in the shed each day and had malocclusion but got his teeth clipped each month. Born 1996 - died 2007.  

Holly was a 24lb French Lop. She had several operations for cancer. After a long chat with the vet, we decided it was best to let her go. Born 1996, died 2004.  


Indiana was a house bunny but unfortunately tripped someone up. She passed away in the vets from a crush injury.


Jackson - He came in, too old to be messed about. He was 9+ and one of my babies.  

Joey was a cashmere. Only experienced rabbit owners should consider cashmeres as they need lots of grooming. Died 2007.  

Lilli lived in Gorseinon, with Maisie and Rolo.  

Limp Bisqit  

Lunar. We wanted to find him an outgoing doe but he was too crazy and scared most girls off as he bounced around them. He came via the police after a night in the cells. They said he'd been abandoned and they'd nicked him for loitering with intent to steal carrots. Two PCs tried taking him home but he was too mad; hence the name Lunar (Lunatic).

Died August 2007.


Marlon was a five-year-old broken blue French Lop. He shared life with his brother, Shadrack. Mum, Toyah, was dumped in a box and gave birth the day after she arrived. Of nine babies, two died in the first week. Most became house-bunnies in Forever Homes. Marlon didn't like cuddles. French Lops rarely do as they are heavy and don't feel safe. He had Pasteurella but didn't displayed symptoms. He loved a run in our goat pound as a normal run was too small. Died: August 2006.

Marshmallow died after a Gastroenteritis bout at his new home. He'd only just gone there.  

Milton passed away in February 2005. He was Caz's pet.  

Nemo was given up by a puppy farm, ill and underweight. Nemo's scan revealed a tumour in his chest. Sadly he passed away despite the best care - 16th December 2008  

Netty was 9 years plus and lived as our house bunny.  

Pepsi was Amy's favourite bun. He was six-years-old and feigned illness just to become a house bunny. Don't think rabbits aren't cunning.  

Perry found a forever home, which he shared with four - yes, four - girlfriends.  

Polly is the large Agouti; Fido is the black buck. Fido had health problems from day one. When he passed away, Polly died of broken heart in 2003.  

Pooh lived with us for four years and passed away before Christmas 2004.  

Prancer - We lost little Prancer under anaesthetic while being neutered. He was a little grey Netherland cross. Died June 2007.
Rosie, died in 2004, a rabbit hero. Read her exploits here.  

Scooby was an agouti buck. He was about 18 months old. He helped Tibbar, a shy doe, come out of her shell. Scooby had his front teeth removed as a result of malocclusion. He died in October 2005.


Shadrack - a broken blue French Lop buck, born 2001. Lived with his brother 'til Marlon died in August 2006. Mum, Toyah, was dumped in a box and gave birth the day after she arrived. Of nine babies, most became house bunnies. Shadrack didn't like cuddles as French Lops are heavy and don't feel safe. He had pasteurella but with drugs, the symptoms disappeared. He loved a run in our goat pound as a normal run was too small. He didn't seem so shy after Marlon died. He was neutered to be paired up with a doe. Died December 2007. 


Shamika Solstice - Mum came to us pregnant. Sadly, Shamika broke her leg and the vet couldn't save her. These photos were taken just after her birth. Died September 2008.

Smokey Joe - Our fourteen-and-a-half-year-old veteran. He passed away in October 2001

Snoop - Very lively, struggled with diet issues and overcame them then bit a person and was sadly put to sleep. Died March 2007.  

Snowy and her babies. Snowy passed away in 2003.  


Stuart - Died July 2006. He lost his nose in a scrap and the vet advised he be put down but he lived for six years with his lady friend, Fern  
Tinker was a white Netherland Dwarf doe, born 2001. An ex-breeding and show rabbit, she came to us with a fractured spine that improved with treatment. Died suddenly, August 2006.    
Tom was re-homed with Jack, in August 2003. Of unknown age, he was a gentle mellow rabbit that loved his bunny friends, nose-rubs, and his new life as a dearly loved house-rabbit.

Died 1st September 2007 after a short illness.

Willow found a Forever Home in 2002.  

Xena and Gabrielle. Xena died Christmas Eve, 2002, after a vet refused to see her as an emergency. As with most bonded rabbits, Gabby died - for no specific reason - six weeks later. They were 5 years old.  

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