Success Stories


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One of the best things about running a rescue centre is when a pet is placed with its Forever Home. A place where they will be loved and cared for 'til the day they die.

Past successes: Pre-2005 / 2005 / 2006 / 2007 / 2008

Diablo (January 2009) - A four-year-old German Shepherd. Very friendly, she came in with food aggression but we saw no evidence other than when she pinched a cat food tin. Dog, horse, child friendly.


Chestnut (March 2009) - A three-year-old neutered male Jack Russell.




Hooch (March 2009) - A five-month-old (Nov 08) Boxer cross. Good with dogs, cats, and other animals. A typical Boxer pup, and a great addition to a loving family.





Nuzzle and Scratch (April 2009) - Two loveable Rex does.


An update from their owners: Nuzzle and Scratch are a delight and have settled really well. You were right - they are so gentle and love their food. Everyone is amazed at how gorgeous they are. They are just perfect for us - thanks so much.



Nuzzle and Scratch


Samson and Delilah (May 2009) - Here's a note from Samson and Delilah's new mum.


"Just a quick e-mail to let you know how the two tabby brother and sister kittens I adopted in May are getting on. They're now called Samson and Delilah and are nearly 19-weeks-old. They are very sociable and loving little kittens. I can't believe how quick they are growing, especially Samson. We think he's going to be a very big boy when he finishes growing. But Delilah is the boss, even though she's smaller. They have had their injections and are booked in to be neutered. Their favourite food is smoked haddock and they clear their bowls in record speed."



Delilah                                                 Samson