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We'll try to keep our database up-to-date but with pets coming in and out, email or ring to see what's in. If you can offer a pet the chance of a new life then please contact us here.

   Please help. A donation towards our work would be wonderful.


We home same-sex pairs or fours at 45.00 per pair. This covers our vet's health check. None of our staff take a wage.




Some of our past chipmunks







Pouches Because he's always eating

Now you know who nicks alloy wheels.



Please call for availability. We've had a recent large litter handed in.

Guinea Pigs

Suzi runs a dedicated Guinea Pig re-homing centre.

The pictures below are out-of-date. They show the range of pets available, so if you can't see what you're looking for, call Suzi.

Onions - our resident GP.

Some of our past Guinea Pigs.


Eammon and Shamus

Born 19th December 2005

Sally and Polly

Polly was born 14th December 2005 and Sally was born April 2005

Imogen - Heavily pregnant at the time of picture, she gave birth to three babies, all shades of ginger and black.



Call for availability.

We have four well-handled friendly hamsters waiting for new homes. Born 29th March 2009.

Biscuit - Male.        
Lucky - Female.        
Patch - Female.      
Starlight - Female.        
Some of our past hamsters.          
Bear is a Sirian hamster, 10-months-old and very friendly.        
Bravo was a Russian Winter White male that needs to live solo. He's of unknown age. We also have two other boys who look quite similar.    
A Syrian.      
Noel - Mum was bought from a pet shop and had babies the next day but the lady didn't get in touch with us 'til the litter were 7-weeks-old and mum was pregnant again. Only poor Noel had trouble finding his special someone.

We also had some Cottonbud girls.                                   Roborovskis


Rats (again, call for availability)

Four male Dumbo cross rats: Born 28th December 2008. To go together or as two groups of two.
Some of our past rats.




Chinchillas / Degas

Please note: When we re-home same-sex chinchilla pairs, we ask for a 75 donation. This covers a final dental examination and health check by our vet.

Sooty - the chinchilla.

We had to work on this lad's behaviour. He was easily frightened and spat when taking treats from the hand.

Ipso - our resident        

Photos: Laura Jardine / Caz Jones / Stephanie Leslie