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We'll keep our database as up-to-date as possible but with pets coming in, and out, email or ring us. If you can offer an animal a new life, please contact us here.

   A donation towards our work would be wonderful.

Coffee - Born 2002, he's a castrated French Mastiff Cross. Originally rescued from France by a lady who's since passed away. He came in last year and was rehomed, but sadly returned after an incident with another dog. Since back we've had no problems with him but he isnít good with some male dogs so needs to go to someone who is willing to work with him. Coffee is a big, friendly dog who loves fuss and attention. He's lovely to walk and wanders along next to his handler. He loves to play in water and watch squirrels.  
Ellie - a Boxer bitch; eight-months-old as of April 2009. She is not ready for re-homing yet as she needs to be spayed. If anyone is interested they can contact Caz.

Update: Ellie has settled well. She gets on with the other dogs, cats and horses. She's much more confident with people and comes up for a fuss instead of running off and hiding.

Maddie - Came to us from the pound hours before she was to be put to sleep. She had bad ears and is on antibiotics and needs her ears cleaned twice daily. We're trying to get her right as she's been so patient with her treatment and has a wonderful temperament, so would make someone a loving loyal companion. We took her to a local dog show where she took reserve champion after winning two classes.

Murphy - A young Rotti, born the beginning of 2008. He's friendly and loves a fuss. Murphy has good recall, and is fine with other dogs but doesn't like cats and must be watched around horses. He walks well on a lead and doesnít pull. Muphy needs a home with ongoing socialisation and training. He's vaccinated, castrated, chipped, and has no health problems. He's large and bouncy, so can't go with younger children. He loves raw carrot - they're his favourite treat  
Tess - Born October 2008, she's a Staffy bitch. She came to us from the pound. She's a very friendly bitch who gets on well with the other dogs at the rescue. She'll need to be spayed before rehoming. For more information please email or phone us.  
Please call for availability.      
We re-home many cats and kittens and they're placed with fosterers during their time on our books, so it's hard to get pictures online before they find homes; please call to find out what we have available.
Dee Dee - details to follow.      
Gabby - details to follow.    
Some of our rehomed cats.

Tabby brothers, Stripe and Dusty Bin, re-homed together as they loved to snuggle. Dusty bin ate anything. Stripe was adventurous and liked exploring but returned when he heard a dish being tapped.




Some of our Budgies.
Emyr with budgie
Yankee and Doodle

Our resident cockatiels named because the yellow one whistles Yankee Doodle Dandy.



Socks - Smirnoff seems to have taken a shine to this pretty jill. Looks like we have a match.  
Mr. Ice looks exactly like our own ferret, Ice, and he's about a year old. Born 2005.  
Grumpy Nic was born in 2002, he's suffered from poor diet in the past. He has health problems so he'll need an experienced owner.    
Parker A lovely polecat coloured ferret, loves walks and playing. Very friendly but hasn't been neutered due to lack of funds.        
We have four ferrets born summer 2006 so we'll need to raise funds to neuter and spay them, or they'll need owners who'll do it come spring.
Here's a picture of the new run.      

Photos: Caz Jones / Stephanie Leslie